EarthNationLive will be a worldwide, music-driven social network for people of conscience, utilizing an ongoing series of monthly concerts broad- and webcast around the world to raise billions of dollars, focus human attention, and rally and nourish the change we need on this planet -- the change which our governments are so miserably failing to initiate.

ENL will provide a deep, wide, Wiki of information on all Earthly issues, scaled from the neighborhood to the global, as well as a huge box of tools for communication and action.

You'll come to the site during the first concert, register for a free, highly secure email account, and tell us, "My name's _____, I live in _____________, I care about __________, __________, and ________. We'll feed you a stream of wise information on the things that matter to you, along with daily action tools commensurate to the amount of time you tell us you have to invest.

You'll network with people in your neighborhood about keeping your streams clean, and you'll network with people in Bejing or Berlin about economic justice or bringing an end to dolphin slaughters. We'll pipe the monthly concert into your favorite local club so you can go dance and talk with your friends and get recharged and refocused.

With our income, we'll educate young activists around the world, fund projects, organize humanity, and inspire everyone on the planet to join the effort to heal it.

It's a social network, it's a money machine for good works, it's a spiritual center to energize activists. It's an ongoing dance party to end all dance parties. It's a lever to move the world.